Returning to arco after pizz. In NotePerformer

Is there a better way with all these updates?
I often need the ‘nat.’ playback-technique after pizzicati to go back to ‘arco’. Of course I hide them…and I have to hide them again in ALL individual string parts. Apart from taking a lot of time, you often miss one here and there.
I have 1 hour of music and have to hide all ‘nat.’ in the parts…that’s quite annoying.

I have Noteperformer. Is there a way to assign the ‘natural’ playback to the ‘arco’ playback technique within the expression map? Couldn’t figure it out so far.

Is there a better way please? I tried with ‘propagate properties’ but that doesn’t seem to work for hidden playback techniques…

To my knowledge, you don’t need adding ‘nat.’ at all for arco. Arco is nat. You only need nat. (or ord.) after things like sul pont., col legno etc.

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doesn’t work for me…whenever I only add ‘arco’, Noteperformer still plays back pizz.

Please attach a small example of a project in which this occurs, so we can take a look.

Are you running Dorico version 1.0 for some reason? I remember exactly this annoyance from the early days, but it was fixed quite soon after.

The other way this might happen is if you have somehow ended up with a playing technique that has a duration. Playing techniques with a duration will always play back over that duration; playing techniques without a duration will play back until cancelled (for techniques that trigger a “direction” playback technique) or on a single note (for techniques that trigger an “attribute” playback technique).

Good hint there Richard…problem solved :smiley:
thanx everybody