Returning to Cubase

Hi learned people …

I need some help ( I’m sure you’ve already guessed this part ). I have been away from Cubase and song writing in general for a few years now following some rather unfortunate and sad events in my still relatively young life - lets just say my creative aspirations took a nose-dive over this prolongued period. Had a bout of negativity on top of these rather unwanted life changing events, so all in all it was a bit of a major shut down period for me.
However, I’ve pulled my socks up a bit and I’ve finally found some musical inspiration again and I’ve been working in a couple of DAWs. Historically, I’ve always been a main Cubase user, but I’ve had to learn both Logic and Ableton recently due to a few collabs and the inescapable fact that these platforms are very popular amongst many song-writers out there in La La Land ( not forgetting Pro Tools role in the situation too ).
I’ve also jumed over to Mac after years and years on Pc only … I’ve not abandoned Pc by any means, just added Mac to the sonic arsenal, so to speak.
Sooo, here’s the main thrust of my post ( took my time, I know … apologies ) : I need to install Cubase 10 on to my Mac … I’ve watched a couple of rather sketchy You Tube videos online, but I’ve been left rather scratching my head and I don’t want to get it wrong - I just haven’t got the patience !
Can anyone kindly walk me through the Mac installation process or point me to some comprehensive and detailed videos aimed only at Mac installations ?
Many wonderful and grateful ‘fanks’ in advance …

… Anyone ?