Returning user, account empty

Hi, I’ve been away from Cubase a couple of years (using the opposition sorry) but the hardware that was locked to my ‘other’ DAW died so I thought I’d go back to my old Cubase 4 with a Focusrite interface. Dug out all the stuff and the dongle reinstalled and did the ‘maintenance’ on the dongle as prompted but nothing. Logged onto my Steinberg account and there’s nothing there. Any help anyone? Is my old version unusable now? Just thought I’d ask before I phone up and make a complete idiot of myself rather than just the normal idiot that everyone expects :smiley:

Just downloaded the 9.5 trial and… I think I’m done with all this. The sadness at the death of my ancient Digi 002 was followed by ‘That’s life, I’ve still got Cubase 4, I’ll get that up and running’ but seemingly ‘Computer says no’. I used to have that ‘fire’ that would drive me through all the failed updates, hardware/driver conflicts, new OS etc.The ‘This wont beat me’ attitude burned strong but now I just think I’m too old and too tired, even the prospect of phoning Steinberg (which I’ve done before) seems like an horrendous chore. Instead of being excited at upgrading to the latest version (previous default) I find myself getting all nostalgic about how much fun I had with my ‘Sound on Sound’ reel to reel amd Yamaha 8 track cassette ‘portastudio’. Still got the Yam and some sealed ‘new’ tapes I never got round to using. Chances are I’ll plug it in and (if it still works) think ‘God this is awful’ and ‘Blimey, this playing a whole track right in one take is hard work’ :smiley:

With massive thanks to Panagiotis Kontos (Steinberg Support) for putting up with a silly old duffer asking silly old duffer questions and making silly old duffer mistakes…I’m back up and running, probably have to upgrade sooner rather than later but a basic Cubase 4 installation and a Focusrite Pro 14 is running quite happily on Windows 10 atm :smiley: [insert: ‘happy silly old duffer emoji’ here]