Rev-x plate

I had quick play with the yamaha reverbs when I first got my ur44 then went back to my usual favourites. Then when setting up a new tracking template I tried the revx plate reverb (monitoring only.) Listening in on the singers headphone mix I thought “bloody hell that sounds good!” Not only did I use the revx plate on that track for mixing, I’ve revisited a couple of mixes where I wasn’t happy wih the reverb on the vocals and found the sweet spot with revx plate. Sometimes you take “free” stuff for granted. Rev-x plate is superb! :smiley:

What was your go-to reveb that you set aside? I like the Revx stuff sometimes,though I have lots of other choices. I also use those amp sims once in a while. I like the clean one especially. Cant really say they are free, included perhaps. :sunglasses:

In order of use I usually go for Toraverb, ni 48, ni 24 and for springs only one contender psp springbox.

ps of course good old roomworks gets a look in ocassionally for general reverb duties although I rarely use it on vocals.