Revamp VST Connections window and tabs

OK, so VST Connections grew tabs over time, so it’s no wonder it’s an inconsistent hodgepodge. I suggest that it’s time to fix it.

I think this can be done rather simply by defining two levels:

  1. Entities: like the External Instruments on the External Instrument tab are already: you define an entity (name, audio ports, MID port, etc.), and that entity can be saved / recalled as a Favorite. i.e., it’s a thing
  2. Groups: like Presets current on the Input and Output tabs. These define whole groups of Entities that can be saved and recalled, e.g., to fit a particular song or studio configuration.

Right now, we have a mix of these things. I have groups in Input/Output, but I can’t just add another Entity on those pages simply by recalling it, like I can a Favorite instrument in External Instruments. Likewise, on the External Instruments page, I can’t simply recall a Group to recall a particular studio configuration of instruments.

OK, that’s the easy fix. But if you really want to up the game, you’s have a single window, where you would be able to define entire studio configurations of input, output, groups, FX, and instruments, rather than having them scattered about on different tabs.