reveal audio in browser

i’m in the pool and i select audio file(s). i want to right clic “reveal in browser” but i can’t find this basic function.
is there a way to do this ?

when you right click on a Audio loop - *.wav for example and choose the option:

“Open in Explorer”

the windows explorer opens and shows you the files.

I dont know what happens on mac though, and I dont know what you mean with reveal though.

thx for help but i’m searching in the POOL window not the media bay.
i’m not looking for a random sound across my pc but a specific sound inside my session that i want to locate fast on the drive.

The pool shows the path if you have it set up so.

This would be useful! Here’s a feature request I posted for it-

isnt the pool always in the audio project folder itself?

+1 please.

For the reason that I often use audio files which I keep in a folder somewhere else on my drive, e.g. Exports into a AlbumMix Folder or a Mastered folder. I drag them in, or export them, but don’t copy them to the pool folder, so they’re not always in the usual Audio sub-folder. It would be really useful to quickly locate them.


isnt the pool always in the audio project folder itself?

mm no ?
i mean when you press F7 you get the media bay
and you press ctrl+p for POOL window (that’s my shortcut maybe it’s other by default)

thing is when you select an audio file in your project and do “Find selected in pool” it’s the pool that shows up not the media bay. so once i’m there and the file is selected you assume it would be easy to reveal it in browser so you can manipulate it.

only if you have the preference set to copy audio files to pool. Also, it is possible to have a master audio folder for multiple projects referenced from the same pool. There are lots of combinations. I actually just turn on the path column in the pool though.