Reveal In Finder Bug on MacOS

Hey guys,

when highlighting files in the media bay & media pool, following the action to “reveal in finder” i’ve discovered that the finder app only get’s highlighted but doesn’t point to the file itself nor it’s location.

This problem persists even after setting up a fresh os-system and cubase pro install and consistently occurs under both builds: Apple Silicon and Rosetta 2.

There’s no difference to action in terms of location (internal SSD, external SSD/Dropbox/…) - same issue. As you can see in the screenshots below i’ve granted Full Disk & File’s n Folder Access.

Any help on this is highly appreciated!

Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 18.52.20
Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 18.52.31

System Report:

Version: Cubase Pro 12.0.52 - Rosetta 2
with a MacBook Pro, Apple M1 Pro (16-inch, 2021) running Monterey (12.6.1)

Weird. I’m on Big Sur MacBook Air M1 Rosetta 2. Cubase 12.0.52 and I don’t have those problems. I’ve tried both media bay and the audio pool.

Maybe it’s a Monterey thing.

This is probably something to get with Steinberg support about.