"Reveal in Finder" dosen't work in Pool

I have just used 2 hours to fix an error in the path name section in the pool/Nuendo 11.
In a really big project 50 audio files suddenly had a wrong file name, and wouldn’t load/play back.
This happened AFTER Back Up Project and the following test.
During my fix of this problem, I found that the Reveal In Finder command in the pool just opens a Finder window, but doesn’t show the FILE! This IS the purpose of the command, so it’s really bad.
I can see this problem has been addressed some times befor, but no answer?
Can someone at Steinberg look at this - fairly easy to check! - and conform that it’s a bug?

Can you please tag the post “issue” and “Nuendo-11”? Just so we can find it in the future.

I don’t know how to edit my post!