"Reveal In Finder" not working in 12.0.40 / ARM build

Using Cubase Pro 12.0.40 in M1/ARM Native mode, on a Mac Studio running macOS 12.5.1.

To reproduce:
Open the Pool window. Choose a WAV file, right click, and select “Reveal In Finder”

Actual result:
Switches to the Finder, with the window currently open if any. It does not open the directory with my file inside.

Expected result:
A Finder window opens, with that WAV file highlighted


This is known and already reported issue, thank you.

Any further progress with this, a year on? Any workaround? My latest Nuendo is doing the same thing as reported here.

Just to be clear, this is open the Audio Pool (CMD+P), right click on a WAV file and ‘Reveal In Finder’? Maybe Nuendo is different there, but it works here in Cubase Pro 12.0.70 on an M2 Pro Mini. The proper directory is opened in the Finder, and my file is highlighted ready to go.


This bug appears only of the drive is formatted one way (sorry, I forgot which one is it) only.


Ahh my ‘audio’ drive is APFS so that explains that…

My audio drive is Mac OS extended and still “reveal in finder” doesn’t work, it just shows the latest finder window I’ve opened, but does not reveal the right file…

You have it backwards

has this been fixed yet , i’m having this issue
all my drives are extended journal