Reveal parameter on write.....

The video explains it.

So simple, though I feel kinda dumb for some how missing it for so long.

Anyone else? Or is it one of those things that everyone has been doing forever, except me?


Either way it’s a good tip I think.

Ok so everyone already knew all about that, right? I don’t think so.

Some peeps are just to proud to admit it, is all. But that’s OK, I’m confident that the tip in the above video will be helpful to many, whether they have the bottle to admit it or not.


Not news to me, but good short and to the point video.

Its a must but what it really should be is “reveal on touch” so you could easily test different automations

This gem somehow got past me. Thank you!

Good stuff, didn’t know this!

That’s what I thought too but news to me for sure. Revelation in fact. I had no idea, though I suspect it’s one of those thing easily found if you know what you are looking for,

Me too and you’re very welcome. It’s sped up my work flow enormously

Another thing he mentioned in the video was the “show data on tracks” option, which he thought cluttered up the view, and he was right if you leave it on permanently. However, it can be very useful in a busy project when you want a broad scope to draw your envelops but can’t see the track you wish to automate. By switching on “show data on tracks” you have a clear view of where the data you wish to automate starts and ends.


never new that function existed. nice one