Reveal-Sound Spire 1.5 VST3 Version

Hello Steinberg folks!

I use the Reveal-Sound Spire 1.5 VSTi plugin. I recently moved to Apple Silicon platform, and I saw that you guys discontinued the VST2 support in Cubase for the Apple Silicon version. So, I reached Reveal-Sound asking them if they do have a VST3 implementation of the plugin, and I got the response that they sent the VST3 implementation of the plugin to Steinberg for analysis but no response so far. I know I can use Rosetta 2 version and then I have the VSTi there, but yes, with Apple Silicon the performance goes much higher!

So, I would like to ask Steinberg how long would take to finish the Spire VST3 analysis?

Thank you in advance!


Nevermind, just got an email from them that they released the VST3 version FINALLY! Yay!