Revelance with Nuendo 6?

I own Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6. Is there any way to get the new reverb “Revelance” to show up in Nuendo? I’ve added the Cubase 7.5 VST folder to Nuendo’s vst plugin path and no luck.

It’s a VST3 plugin, isn’t it?
If it is part of the plugin set, then I think it’s not possible as too many others would conflict with the Nuendo plugin set - you might see duplicate versions of many of the stock plugs…assuming you copied the cubase pluginset.vst3 file into the Nuendo VST3 folder, that is…

I’ve tried this after Sunshy’s question had showed up here. REVelation (I think that was meant by “Revelance”) worked in Nuendo, but the presets did not show up.

My guess is that REVelation will be included in the next Nuendo update.

I only was able to do this because

  • I am very, very, very curious
  • I will re-install Cubase and Nuendo in a few days (new motherboard, new CPU, new SSD).

As Neil says: other stock plug-ins might conflict if you try that. So, if you’re not extremely curious AND prepared to re-install you better leave it and look forward to the next Nuendo version.

Yes I did mean REVelation. And now that Nuendo 6.4 is almost upon us, I will probably wait. Nice new reverb.