Revelation verb


the idea to make the main decay time in percent instead of seconds is kind of unusual, no?
Can we please choose seconds too in an update?
-> for example, what is a 2 second delay in “steinberg” percent?

Also, why not add attribute filters for the presets like "short, long, etc. whatever…? (Or let us from inside the plugin)

Also, can someone please explain lowtime/hightime percentage values a little better than the manual? Is this eq? Why isnt it in dB values?

All these percents are newland for me… -> yes yes, use my ears, ok… Still, why not have a toggle for steinberg percent values and regular ol values?


That’s normal since it’s convolution based. The percentage is based on whatever the impulse response is.

It’s just lengthening or shortening the sample when you adjust those parameters, so you’ll need to see how long the impulse is to calculate how the percentages will modify it.

But REVelation is not a convolution based reverb effect; it is ‘a high-quality algorithmic reverb’ says the manual… perhaps you are confusing with REVerence…? :slight_smile:


Ah sorry you’re right, misread this :slight_smile:

Guess his best bet is to load up a reverb that does show decay in seconds and then compare until you can come up with a general guideline.

Easier would be a toggle for timebase / percent values

Or, of course, just use my ears…

You know, I didnt care much for this reverb in the past, but i am starting to appreciate it nowadays…lol

Its actually quite nice…