Reverb alternative to RoomWorks

I am fairly new to using Cubase 6, but I’m not very fond of the RoomWorks reverb that comes with Cubase. Is there any way to install an alternative reverb plugin, or not? If yes, does anyone have recommendations? I’m very interested in a 1980s-1990s Lexicon reverbs, for example, but I understand if that’s a bar that’s set high :slight_smile:. Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can install almost any VST plug-in, so also Reverbs. VST 2.4 and newer is supported. To search for plug-ins, I would recommend you KVR Audio.

Cubase Pro 8 happens to come with a 90s Lexicon-style reverb. :)

It is called REVelation. :wink:

Aloha and a major +1 to this.

Quite a number of plugs there are also free
and I always seem to find some unique sounding stuff @ KVR.

Good Luck!

Cool! I thought that VST plugins are only for instruments, but they can also act as master reverbs apparently? Regarding Martin’s comment, I still have Cubase 6, is REvelation only for Cubase 8? Thanks everyone!

Yes, REVelation was first added to Cubase in Cubase 7.5.

If you upgrade to Cubase 8 within the next 3 weeks, you’ll get a free upgrade to 8.5 once it comes out due to the grace period.

Would anybody mind giving some pointers on how to do reverb via VST with an easily accessible plugin, as I know how to do it with the Inserts menu and RoomWorks, but not the method described in this thread. Thank you!