Reverb and Delay in Playback

I am finding that there is a lot of reverb and delay on playback in Dorico on my PC, creating really messy sounds, particularly in orchestral scores and with saxophones. I’ve tried turning down the Reverb channel on the mixer, but still getting a lot of noisy inteference from this. How can I turn off all FX as default please?

If you go into the REVerence plug-in and load an impulse with a very short decay time, then using the controls in the little bar above the plug-in’s interface, save that current state as the default for that plug-in.

When I open the REVerence PlugIn and click on the “browse” button, there are absolutely NO IRs to select from. Alas, there is not even an option to point the plugIn to the correct folder. The IRs are installed in Library/ApplicationSupport/Steinberg/HALion/Sub Presets/Fx/Reverb/REVerence but are not recognized. REVerence always loads the LA Studio IR which seems to be encrypted into the plugIn as a fallback.

I already re-installed Dorico 3 without success.

If you’re seeing no impulse responses available, then that suggests the MediaBay database needs to be recreated. The simplest way to do this is to quit Dorico, find the “VSTAudioEngine3” folder in /Library/Preferences, then delete it, and restart Dorico.

Thanks, Daniel, that did it.