Reverb and EQ from A Competitor

I own Sonar platinum outright and would like to use the reverb and EQ Audio FX inserts in its software with Cubase 9.5 professional. Cakewalk Breverb and Sonitus EQ
Is there a way to hook them up?

Alan Russell

Nope. Those two are tied to Sonar.

Is there any decent reverb and EQ plugins that I can add to cubase 9.5 professional Basically for the American songbook type of orchestrations and vocals that I can purchase this software seems to be limited. Please correct me if I’m wrong and thank you

Have you tried Reverence, Revelations and Roomworks, the Steinberg reverbs that are included in Cubase Pro, and the stock EQ and the newish included EQ Frequency,?

Sonitus EQ is extremely old. Every single one of Cubase’s EQs will do the job as good or better, specially the new Frequency plugin.

Cubase’s REVelation is based on a highly regarded commercial reverb. If you need something more colored, take a look at the Valhalla DSP reverbs.

Thank you everybody for your suggestions

Is Breverb not a product from Overloud? The Overloud version would certainly work in Cubase if you look for that particular one. Otherwise there are many more good reverbs out there, apart from the ones that come with Cubase. Valhalla (as mentioned), many from UAD as well as Lexicon - just to mention a few.


thank you Michael

Steinberg’s own ROOMWORKs - which you already own has some decent hall reverbs. Also there are dozen of free impulse files from various concert halls all over the world - you could experiment with those in your favourite convolution reverb.

Cubase’s built in EQs are very good - the new Frequency is outstanding.

I will give it a try tonight. my new tracks are ready

thank you

Alan Russell

The Bricasti IR work great in Reverence, it’s a little painful that you have to load them one at a time but they are very useful for vocals and other solo instruments.