Reverb automatisation

Hi Michael,
I have linked the pianoteq with a reverb plugin.
in my song the reverb effect should go from bar 391.1.0 from 100% (mix) to bar 393.1.0. continuously back to its original value of 20%.
How can this be done with VL?
Automatisation read write is not yet possible in VL.
Does anyone have an idea, that would be great.
Alex alias kyru


You can create a Group Channel in the mixer and insert a reverb.
Send from your Layer (or MIDI Track) Instrument Channel to said reverb Group.
Then with “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts”, in the Channel Ctegory, add a “Send1” Action to the Instrument Channel, and receive from “VM 1”. Create an “automation” MIDI Track which sends to VM1. You can monitor/record your Send moves to that track, or create an event and edit in “Edit/MIDI List Editor”.
Channel re-ordering is in the making.

Why you don’t use the automatisation like in cubase?

The solution is very complicated and I don’t even know if I can do it.

Automation is in the making. Also, you can export from Cubase.

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