reverb &EQ not on playback

Hi, I have set up my rev-x and can hear it through headphones, but it is not recorded. I have the channel strip set to INST. FX (as opposed to MON.FX) I am using Reaper with the UR28M. I am new to all of this, so I must have something set wrong but can not figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And this is a Cubase forum :confused:

Well …this is Steinberg forum and UR28M is a Steinberg product. But still … the problem sounds like to be a DAW (not hardware) problem, in which case this: is the right place.

EDIT: Why on f*cks sake Steinberg’s forum software messes up my valid Reaper forum link: (remove dashes, please) and redirect into a different site? Hello you children at Steinberg office! How about growing up? If you don’t like your hardware is used with other manufacturer’s software, then just announce it officially. Not by using this kind of stupid censorship tricks.

Oh yeah, it’s a Steinberg forum :sunglasses:

OK, I know I am not using cubase, and please point me to the right area of this forum if I am indeed in the wrong area, but in the dspMixFx panel, where it shows the channel strips, it also shows the DAW area and Master area. The level meter in the Master area shows movement, but the level meter in the Daw area is completely black with no movement, as shown along with the configuration in the jpg link below. Could I have it configured incorrectly? I am running either a mic or guitar into Line 1 input. I have no monitors (still using cheap headphones, as I am just starting out)

Well I have it figured out…I needed to add a send to the I/O in Reaper. All is good now…thanks