Reverb for Post?

I am looking for recommendations for a good postproduction reverb plugin.
All that besides altiverb (great tool, but turned into a mac-only-software) and reverence (which has never been optimized for post-pro after coming from cubase).

Has anybody tried virsyn reflect for example?

We use Reflect very often.
The strong point is the Early refelctions.
I hate reverb tails, and most of the time they are useless and unnatural.
It’s the beginning of the reverb that creates the sense of space and distance, not the reverb tail.
Something in which most reverbs fail completely.
Not so with Reflect.


Hi Fredo, thanks for your reply.
I could not find a list of IR’s/Presets which are delivered with reflect. I’m wondering if there is a proper collection for post? Rooms, natural spaces, speaker-effects?

╬ R.I.P. ╬
Wizoo W5
One of the nicest…

Killed by Digidesign/Avid…

Reflect, here, too…
There are over 100 (or 150 it reads on the english page) factory reverb programs
It is actually on sale, a.t.m.

Big K

Same here, Wizoo W2, still my main Verb. Have it compared with many other Softverbs in this price range, but nothing come close to this … shame on Digi/Avid, big shame …

PS: Thanx for the link to this reverb. Don’t know this until now. Will give it a try.

Hi Bassman
Is Wizoo W2 working in W7 64 bit environment?
I got that, too, but always used W5 surround for its excellent production presets and superior sound.

Big K

With JBridge, it works flawless (W2), but I would like to have all my Plugins in 64Bit native in future. Have always a little bit gripes with bridged Plugins …

I am not fond of Bridges, either…
With the exception of UAD, I am almost completely on 64 bit, now.
I just don’t want to waste my UAD1s. No need to get another UAD2, if I keep them
and here, UAD V6 works well on 64 bit, too.

I’m on UAD-1 also and don’t change to UAD-2. If my two UAD-1 die the electronic dead, I’ll choose native way …

The UAD2 (quad) is an awesome piece of equipment I am glad to own.
But I guess, I am with you on this. If UA sticks with cards and/or doesn’t come up
with some really new and useful must-have plugs, I also will choose native equivalents in future.
Till then, I watch my 7 UADs grow old inside their PCs till they eventually slip into electronic heavens…

Big K