Reverb FX

Hi everyone, can you help me please, using the CB stock VST fx, I am tring to create a “talking in a cave” effect and someone “talking from a distance” effect, can some of you sound guys point me in the right direction please?.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Cool! Are you making and audio book recording?
For the cave effect, check out Reverence.

For at a distance it is more tricky than just reverb.
Check out this discussion which does it much better than I could:

I’m not leaving that pic on the forum here is the address to stack exchange

paste in:

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Thank you, any settings you can recommend?

Oh well, I would go through them and try them out and see what you think.
The first thought would be to go directly for Catacomb and Far Away, but my guess is Echo Room and Atverb are what you are probably looking for.

Edit: Just noticed Andrew’s profile pic on Stack Exchange… sorry for that.

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@oqion Thank you.

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