Reverb on snare pad only?


Is there any way of applying reverb to the snare pad only in Cubasis 2? I can only seem to get reverb on the whole kit with an insert effect.

Many Thanks


Hi Les,

Suggest to use track copy, and get rid of all instruments except for the snare.

E.g. this works great with the lightweight Classic Machines.
The instrument uses near to no CPU, betmaking can be easily done with one instrument which can be easily and quickly separated to single instruments for mixing via Track Copy.

Hope that helps!


Regarding snare drum reverb…

What I tend to do is
Track 1. Hi hat
Track 2. Bass drum
Track 3. Snare drum.

This way you can add effects to each drum individually
Therefore giving reverb to snare with no other effects on other drums

Add EQ to hi hats, or to bass drum without any on snares…

Hope this helps…