Reverb on the click (help)

There’s reverb on the click and I don’t know where it’s coming from. I turned off the send from click to reverb fx bus, I deleted the reverb plugin from the fx bus, turned the bus all the way down - the click is still drowning in reverb. It’s impossible to work with it. I just opened another project with all the default settings on the mixer (send from the click to reverb fx bus on and set to -26dB) and the click’s dry and good to work with. I’m at a loss here. Anobody have this issue and know how to fix it?

Edit with more info: It seems like the whole reverb fx bus is “broken.” It doesn’t react at all to switching the sends on particular tracks on or off, doesn’t do anything when parameters are changed in the plugin itself, the blue lines of the meter are not “pumping” when it’s playing. It’s like the whole bus is frozen. CPU and memory are not the issue (I checked). How do I fix this?!

Are you on the very latest Dorico version (4.0.31)?

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Checking for updates was my first instinct yesterday, but somehow my brain didn’t register there is one indeed available… :woozy_face:
I just updated and looks like it’s working again. The reverb is reacting to changes and the click is not drowning anymore. Ah, back to work! Thanks for the tip, Ulf!

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