Reverb plugin from Basic FX Suite does not work

I have purchased CubasePro12, but the reverberation plugin in it can not be used, the display is not licensed, how to deal with it, or how to obtain permission?

FYG: Rev-X is not a standard plugin of Cubase Pro. I think it is usually run by Yamaha hardware. Maybe you have to connect the hardware?

This is a free plugin for UR22C purchase, how to activate it? How can I activate it in Cubase?

I’ve been there with some plug ins. 1- Re install the plug in. If it doesnt work forget it coz some plug ins a re not compatible with Cubase 12. You can even see the list in the plug in manager . It happens to me with 4 or 5 plug ins so I uninstalled it and forget about them and learn to do the same thing with others. I tested all my plug ins one by one when I installed Cubase 12 coz I dont want to see those error messages appear in a middle of a session. And even crash Cubase so I delete them all and learn to use other plug ins that works all the time Good luck

  • All right, thanks

As far as I’m aware, you will need the old eLicencer dongle to activate it using the activation code you may have got with the UR22C.

This is currently working fine for me in Cubase 12 and previous versions.

Please note, this is not correct.

These plugins are part of the Basic FX Suite that come with the audio interface.

Try this: