Reverb Send VS Wet/Dry

Hey Guys,

I’m noticing that my reverb is much more lush and effective on the track operating in wet/dry mode as it is as a send, even at teh same rough percentages. How can I use the reverb as a send but have the same effect?



Have you set the Wet/dry mix to full wet when you’re using the reverb as a send effect? Otherwise you will hear the dry signal from two “sources”, which will throw off the mix.

There should be no difference in the effect using the reverb as an insert plugin on the track or setting it up through a send bus. As Svenne is saying you need to set the reverb to full wet when using it as a send. Then it is the send amount that controls the amount of wet so to say. You use a reverb as send for two reasons: First it is to give all the tracks a possibility of being in the same “room” simulating all instruments in the same room, even if the reverb around differs to simulate distance from the listener. Reason two is to save cpu as you use only one instance of the reverb. If you on the other hand want to use the reverb as a special effect on one track you can put it as an insert plugin on that track alone.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Yes, wet is at 100% on the verb sent to. Yes, there’s a very big difference between inserting on the track and sending to it. I’ve tried many verbs too. I’m stumped. :blush:

Do you have the send amount at its full and in “on” position? (The blue bar should be all its way to the right and bright blue).

Post the verbs you are trying out and if I have the same I will check them again.

The two different methods of applying reverb should not sound different.

Don’t forget that when you insert a reverb and adjust the wet/dry level, you will be reducing the level of your original dry signal. If however you use a send, your dry signal will always remain at the same level and you will be adding the reverb to it.

If you wanted the insert method to sound identical to the send method, you would have to turn up the level of your channel fader as you increase the wet level on the reverb plugin.