Reverb shifted to the left


I have noticed that the plate presets in Reverence are clearly shifted to the left.

Is this a bug/flaw or is it the just the way the original sampled plate sounds?

You can recreate this on your own

send a mono snare to an FX channel with the “plate at 2 sec” loaded in reverence.

You can clearly see that the reverb return is stronger on the left side (you can hear it to)

Looks to me that is the way the preset is saved. You can change it by adjusting the “mix” amount. Then, of course, save that as a preset if you want. The plugins have some pretty good documentation available so check our the “Plug In Reference.pdf” that is included with CB in the help menu.

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Well then is something wrong. You shouldn’t have to alter the mix knob in order to get the balance correct.

When using the plugin on a send you generally always want to have the mix at 100.

Respectfully I disagree… I most of the time want the reverb mix shifted a bit. So if a preset does what I want then great. If it doesn’t, but I still like the sound, I adjust it to my liking then save those settings as a new preset. No problem. For this preset, hit the mix button, move it to 50. Save as xxxx preset and done. :wink:

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What in the world are you talking about, that doesn’t solve anything at all. Setting the mix to 50% lets 50% of clean signal straight through and doesn’t solve the panned reverb issue. If you use it as a send effect you definitely don’t want any clean signal going through either.

To the OP: I can confirm the problem here and I think it’s always been like that. You can of course pan the return (in the mixer) around 30% to the right. Not elegant but it works. Actually if you go through other presets you’ll find that it’s the same issue in many of them, usually with a shift to the left!

I do apologize for giving incorrect information. I’m not sure what I was thinking… :blush:

Regardless, I still think the preset samples are fine the way they are and can be adjusted as necessary by various means to get the sound you want. Personally I like the shift but if i didn’t I would just adjust it. Maybe panning it as suggested. I doubt it’s a bug. Even the example picture in the manual shows a higher left side signal strength for the exampled preset. Scrolling through a few of the REVerence presets I find they all vary a bit. It does seem like most are heavy on the left but some are equal and some are heavy to the right.

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