Reverb with GPO

I have managed to get GPO working with Dorico - the ARIA engine shows up in Play mode, I can select the instruments, and they work; even the little keyboard keys light up as pitches are played back. I cannot, however, get any of the ARIA reverb settings to produce any effect. Perhaps it isn’t possible?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Hello R Pearl,

As a fellow GPO user myself, yes, it is absolutely possible for the ARIA reverb settings to work fully in Dorico.

First, just to check the main settings:

  • I presume you have selected a “room” in the ARIA Player.
  • Have you also set a “Send” in the ARIA Player Mixer.

If you have set both of the above as shown in the screenshots below then you should have ARIA reverb. If you have set both of these and still no reverb, may I suggest you send me a sample of your score or post a link here and I’ll take a look to try to find why it’s not happening there.

Best wishes,


ARIA Player Reverb Selection:

ARIA Player Mixer Reverb Send:

Yes! Thank you so much - that did it. I’d never worked with the ARIA player before - things always went through Sibelius, and I could control the reverb from there. I had everything but the Send levels functioning.

Very much appreciated!