Is it better to send all the instruments to the reverb track than inserting the reverb on the master ?

With sends, you can have each track send a different amount to the reverb to get depth. Less for the instrument in front and more for the ones in the back.


Thank you Jesper. I have tested for a full romantic orchestra the 2 things with the same reverb (Large Viennese Hall1, my favourite) at the same level for each instrument with the sends, or with the insert on the master.
The result is nice with the sends, but sounds muddy with the insert on the master. From where does the difference come ?

If you have it on the master you need to turn down the mix level on the reverb.
There could be a difference because of the different panning on the tracks.
I assume the pan positions will also be sent to the reverb channel.


Hello Axel: one can say, there are no rules, but I can tell you I personally would never insert a reverb in the master, even if I could adjust the mix knob. You can have better control if you use an FX channel (routed to the master or to another instrument group channel), where you put the reverb and, like jesele told you, use sends from different instruments. Personally I prefer one reverb for a group of similar instruments. Something that can help a lot, too, is that you insert an eq in the reverb FX channel and filter some lows (and some highs if needed). This way you won’t have some annoying frequencies in the reverb and the mix will sound better.

You can insert the reverb in the audio channel where you have your instrument, and, like jesele told you, adjust the mix knob. But I would not insert it in the master. And if you have several instruments and you want the same reverb for all I should say it is better the alternative with the FX channel.

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