I know this really isn’t a Cubase 8 ‘topic’ (other than wishing it had been ported over from previous versions), but which version of Cubase did Reverb32.dll come with? For the life of me I can’t seem to locate it and I have it used on so many projects it’s pretty much necessary for me to find a copy.


Are you sure it was a steinberg product. A quick Google got me
Spectral Design Reverb32.dll
Lexicon MPX Reverb32.dll

Was definitely in Cubase VST through SX. Not sure about anything either side of those.

Reverb 32 came with my VST5/32.

I have it for PC. I found it on an old install disk.

Works in Cubase 8.5

I have reverb32.dll still on my computer. It’s modified date is May 2000 so it clearly came a long time ago!

I used that plugin for almost every song I made, then it disappeared during one of the upgrades. But I love it, it’s a simple, easy-to use, good-sounding basic reverb. So, after digging around I found out that Steinberg has a Legacy Database that you can download old plugins and such via FTP. There were a few more plug that I needed as well, such as ModDelay.

Here is the knowledge base article with the link:

And just the FTP link itself:

Spectral Design is Steinberg.

Your halfway right it was owned by Steinberg and Houpert digital audio. They wrote a lot of the DSP algo’s for Cubase and Wavelab. I’m sure I have used it, but I don’t remember how it looked. God I’m old :open_mouth:

+++++ Bring back ModDelay in VST3 format!!


Agreed! ModDelay was/is hands-down my favorite delay I’ve ever used. There should be a VST3 version. Same with ReverbA and ReverbB.

It always blew me away that Steinberg would suddenly just depricate plugins that were stock before. Would someone kindly send me a link to it, please? The FTP doesn’t have it listed for some reason despite it being an SX plugin. I even installed a legit version of Cubase SX and it wasn’t to be found. Weird.


Except it’s not there. :frowning:

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Help?

Here is Reverb32.dll, taken from my very very old PC, 5 generations back!! It is dated 24/11/2000 12:29 and is part of VST32 v5.0 on this machine - could well be the version which uses my old parallel port dongle :slight_smile:

I haven’t tested it on any of the later versions tho… Let us know.

Mike. (350 KB)

Please can you help me with Reverb 32 please here is my email

Hi Everyone.

Here’s the ZIP again - the above link doesn’t work because it has not been imported from the old forum. (350.1 KB)