Reverbs not working in templates

Hello All.
My problem is if i make a Playback Template and assign a playback configuration, which includes. reverbs other than Reverence. Spaces 2 or MIR Pro, RC24, RC48 for example they will not load.
Reverence always loads in there place. Strange because if i set up a new project assign any of the above reverbs, save the project then reload it, they all load with project
All my reverbs and other plugins have been assigned to my white list in preferences.

Hi @gordon_williams, welcome to the forum.
Can you please post a simple project created from that template you have?
Also, what does happen if you try to replace the REVerence with a different plug-in (after the creation of the project)?

Welcome to the forum, Gordon. At the moment, playback templates can’t override the default Mixer setup that Dorico creates. This is something that we will improve upon in future versions as we expand the functionality of the Mixer.

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Dorico (2.9 MB)
Hope this helps. just opened this on my pc first, but as usual it just reverts to the stock reverb REVERENCE. ITs strange though that if i setup a project up with any other reverb, then save that project it loads fine.

Hi @gordon_williams , thanks for the data. Please also read Daniel’s reply. That explains it all. I only had another suspicion for some bug that we are hunting but so far could not get hold of. But anyway, your case turned out to be normal and expected.

You’ve found the workaround to use the inserts you want in your new projects. It doesn’t involve Playback templates yet, as Daniel Spreadbury explained. Until it changes, you know what to do :wink:
I admit I am waiting for that update for quite a long time — REVerence has never convinced me. I wish the library manager could fill this gap too.

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Thanks anyway. Just to Clarify. What your saying is the mixer will only except Reverence for Reverb plugin.

Sorry in a playback Template I mean.

For the time being, yes. And the master bus will host Steinberg’s compressor. You might have other plug-ins than this one (I definitely have, and this one won’t go on my master bus. On an instrument, why not, but not the master…)
You have to cope with it (meaning changing those inserts whenever you load a playback template) or use your workaround : start with a file that already has your favorite reverb and inserts for the master fader.

THanks again.