Reverence and other Plugins - Cannot find Wave file

I have recently upgraded my hard drives, OS and Cubase 7 from Cubase 5.5. Here is the sequence and history of how things were done and what happened:

  1. Installed Windows 8 32 bit OS
  2. Installed Cubase 7, 32 bit from DVD upgrade from 5.5 - recorded several projects without any major issues
  3. Encountered some hard drive issues and reconfigured the hard drive system and reisntalled Win 8, 64 bit OS
  4. Tried to reinstall Cubase 7 from DVD but it stalled on intialization
  5. Support recommended installing from website using Core Installer - I did this plus updated to 7.0.3
  6. Opened projects from Cubase 5.5 and previously recorded Cubase 7 32 bit recordings and error messages stating REverence wave files missing show up. Tried to add Groove Agent to a song and it played (lit up the pads) the MIDI data but no sound evident.
  7. It appears tha the VST and other plug-in sound libraries are missing but I don’t know how to find them or connect them.

Was I supposed to have Cubase 5.5 installed when I installed Cubase 7 from the website? I did not reinstall 5 after I did the hardware upgrades

There is one update between Core Installer and 7.0.3 that says it isntalls everything and it lists all of the plugins - I did not install that update, but the plugins open - they just don’t have sound

Core doesn’t contain content.

So do I need to install 7.0.2 update?
Do I have to uninstall first?
Not sure what to do next …

You should either use the DVD for install, if that doesn´t work, you should use the full download installer.

I recently fitted a new SSD and installed a fresh Windows 7. Previously I’d updated from Cubase 6.5.4 to C7, then C7.01 and finally C7.02. I had all sorts of problems which eventually led me to starting over, as explained.

After fitting my SSD and installing Windows 7 I installed Cubase 7 and then the C7.03 update. You can get the full Cubase 7 installer from Steinberg. It’s a big download. Don’t have the link, maybe someone can help. But as long as you have a Cubase 7 licence on your dongle there shouldn’t be a problem. I believe you need to be connected to the internet during installation.

But anyway, that’s how I did it and I got ALL content and everything. And all my problems were cured, and I get much better ASIO performance.

So no, you don’t need to install Cubase 5.5 first.

I went back and checked my message from Steinberg Support and they said to use the complete installer and I used the core installer - after reading what each of these installers does, I can see why I am having a problem. One final question:

  1. Do I have to completely uninstall cubase 7 and then start over or do I just install over the core installation that I have in place now?

I would wipe the old one first, but that’s just me. I would also clean the registry with CCleaner and remove any hint of Cubase from my drive… but, like I say, that’s just me. I take no responsibility.

Good luck!

Thank you everybody for your help - I know what to do next :smiley:

Hello, it is indeed better to uninstall your current installation.
You might also want to manually delete the Preferences folder and Program folder.
We usually do not recommend to use registry cleaners - the registry entries entered during installation will be the same. But as you are going to re-install, it won’t harm.

Please, install Cubase Complete Installer 7.0.2 and apply the 7.0.3 update patch.

The Complete Installer includes all of the content and the Core Installer - it does not require an internet connection during installation.