Reverence and RAM/CPU


I’m considering to sell my Altiverb license and start using Reverence instead. What is the experience here when it comes to its RAM and CPU usage?

Doesn’t seen any better or worse than any other convolution reverb in terms of CPU. I doubt if there would be much difference RAM wise - I suspect most convolution reverbs load the current IR files into memory which is probably the largest RAM use. Of course the only other consideration is whether one uses more FLS slots than the other (see Soft-eLicenser (SeL) FAQ - Cubase - Steinberg Forums ) - and that doesn’t really matter unless you tend to use dozens and dozens of different VSTs simultaneously, other than that I don’t think you’ll be losing out.

I would consider making sure if the ir files are compatible or if not there is a way to convert them to use in Reverence.
I never noticed any negative cpu or ram usage, but I never use more than 3 or 4 instances in a project.