REVerence as stereo on multichannel fx/group

Hi All
I notice that inserting REVerence on a multichannel group of fx auto adjusts the input and outputs for the number of actual channels…how does one insert a stereo IO version into the multi channel?


No one knows?

Have I asked a question that I should obviously already found in the manual…because I couldnt find it there?
The fact that no one knows how to manage the I/O on Cubase native plugins is kind of worrying.
The reason why you do this is for sound staging using a surround send…
Definitely no answer?

Routing Insert Effects through Specific Audio Channels

Beautiful sleuthing, Accel0001!

Cheers for someone actually reply…but as the title is clearly saying I wasn’t actually asking how to route. I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari (yep I’m an old dude)…I’m asking how you get reverence to not be 6in/out in a multi channel insert IE appear as a stereo IO. Try clicking any of those routing buttons…they only allow editing of IO less than the available routing channels
Actually try it first and you will see what I’m talking about
Routing is
1+2 = rev instance 1
3+4 = rev 2
5+6 = rev 3

Don’t know what is happening but this is the 3rd time I have replied and doesnt seem to come through…last time trying (2 xs on phone and this from PC).
Thanks Accel0001 for the pic. I was using Cubase 5 and was use to that UI which has no option and had loaded a trial of 10 to see if its worth changing…Cubase 10 does in fact have what you pictured, Cubase 5 does not or its function is hidden:

did anyone use 5 and know how to do it?

I already had Melodyne and Vocalign which are very rarely used; I used to have a book worth of plugins etc…as I have moved along the development path of mixing…I now have a handful which are easy to know intimately ie UAD/Sony/Sonalksis etc.
I actually used sx3 in a ‘locked’ DAW for 10 years which allowed me to spend time making musing instead of upgrading/options etc but its time to do another locked box.
This missing feature is probably the only thing I have found that is a deal breaker for 5…but w2 verb easily matches Reverence so I have a workaround.
I want to thank Accel0001 for his efforts in sorting this out…much appreciated.