REVerence batch processing when importing IRs

is there a way to import a folder including its sub folders with ONE step? I have hundreds of IRs and loading each at a time seems idiotic…

I have already checked a single saved vstpreset file in a text editor but it seems quite complicated.


I wish …

I’ve just been importing one by one, filling all of the 36 slots (why 36? this should be able to be changed to fit the number of IRs needed in a program) and saving.

Wow, really!? Puh…

I want to just browse threw quickly to hear what fits. It’s impossible with loading each IR separately.
Having the 36 “favorite” is also no solution. Who knows if a strange IR in folder XY would have been pefect for that track at some point? I would never discover it then…

It should also be possible to set a default location for user IR files as well.
Current behaviour is that it will, when you hit IMPORT, go to the last place the app actually imported a file from.
The structure makes it almost impossible to use with an independent library.

Well it is a solution, not a great one but the best available with the way things are.

I can’t audition IRs by importing, listening, importing, listening. That’s just a nightmare.

Importing a bunch of IRs into a program, saving it, and clicking through 1 to 36 is the best solution available.

Of course, there are more flexible convolution plugs available.

Looking into the Reverberate plugin just now. Seems to work quite good AND can read

  1. Logic Space Designer SDIR Files (These are basically AIFF but anyway)
  2. Waves IR WIR files
  3. WAVs

Checking the import functions now.

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