Reverence batch

Can anybody with CB 10 check if the updated version of Reverence now has batch import (or that you can find the folder for the IR’s so you can drag additional folders into it), or if it is still stone age with one by one wav file?


Unfortunately not. In the Import window, you can select one file only.

Stone age

Perhaps “Stoneage” is a little kind. Have you tried hitting the " Browse" button and take the time it takes for the browser to load? Mine takes 75 seconds. I also have Sir 2, Melda, FogConvolver and Waves IR Live. The browser is there already when you open the interface, loding IRs are, well immediate! I also have Spaces and sometimes I use Logic with Space Designer. Also loads immediate. So whats with Reverence?.

I have found out that when you do the one by one import they are stored as vstpresets. That is why you cannot batch import or drag a folder to later access through the browser. In this way it is one of the most limited convolution reverbs around.

The whole point with convolutions is to utilize different IRs, and somtimes use them creatively. Reverence has the most common IRs but for creativity you need to go elsewhere, and while you are elsewhere you don’t want to go back. So Reverence is of no use to me.

Since I have the other mentioned convolution stuff one might say I do not need to get frustrated over a stonage reverb. But it shows the problem with vstpresets and compatibility. Other companies are open with wave files (not Altiverb and Spaces).

Vstpresets are the dinosaurs, pre stoneage. A huge step in the wrong direction. You can find them troughout Steinbergs products.

I agree the Reverence plugin is a bit odd at first glance and there is not a lot of ‘how to use it’ info around. However, it can do something the other IR engines can’t do. I have SIR2 and the Waves IR verb, as well, btw, Abby Road stuff from Waves, too, and I bought a fair amount of IRs from Sabino Cannone. More IRs than I can possibly use, but you know how that goes.

Anyway, if you take the time to addition the various IRs that you have on hand in REV, EQ them, adjust their audition volume, you can save them so that everyone of them can be loaded exactly as you organized them. Store them first by hitting the ‘Store’ button in the GUI first, such that you have 10 blue squares (or 36) with their proper names as they are on the IR. Then, go to the top of REV and click on ‘Save Preset’. When you do this the name of the verb that you are using will be in the title window - BUT - you DO NOT want to use this name because it will confuse you later. So instead create a name like ‘10 Good Ones’ or whatever. put that name in the title, and click on ‘Save’.

What happens is a small solid hexagram will appear off to the left of the name you created AMONG ALL THE PRESETS that you typically see when you load a stock REV IR. However, when you click on this new name, the Presets you so painstakingly organized will all show up in BLUE in the REV plugin - exactly like they were when you saved them. Click on anyone of them and it will be exactly what you loaded before you saved it.

When I discovered this, it was a game changer for me and my work flow, and something the other IR engines can’t do. It’s just too damn bad Steinberg never explained this to anyone.

Thank you for this. I did not know that. However the problem is I have hundreds of IRs and I do not know before the project starts which way to go with suitable IRs. Some of those I have I guess I’ll never use and some seem to be used a lot. But often I do scan through different IRs, if not all then at least many until I find something “correct”. It takes time but pays off and it is also a part of the composing/creativity prosess. So if I should use Reverence I would need to import “all” of them, one by one, with the load, correct, save prosess you describe. It seems to me like a huge waste of time, when other convolutions will give me what I need “out of the box”.

It is sad because I teach youngsters in how to use a DAW and many of the “pupils” have limited resources. If the DAW comes with good pluggs there is no need for a 3. party plugg. Many of the pluggs included in Cubase, Logic and Studio 1 are good (especially those in Logic). For many projects good enough. However Reverence is not due to a very proprietary system, deliberately chosen by Steinberg.

The convolution reverb is of course not the only reverb system to use. It is however IMHO the most interesting and can also yield projects with recording your own IRs and thus get a deeper understaning on reverb as a phenomena.

I will however try out your suggestted procedure and see if it opens my mind a little towards Reverence.

A question: Why should I rename the presets?

Read what I wrote again, I’m not saying that you should change the name or the IR in your ‘preset group’. I said that when you save a GROUP of IRs that you have loaded and saved (Blue Boxes), when you go to the top of the GUI to save the PRESET GROUP, the last reverb you have loaded will be the PRESET NAME that REV suggests. But this is not the name you really want to save. I mean, if one reverb out of 36 that you have stored in it’s own BLUE BOX was called 'Blue Sky, why would you want to call the ENTIRE GROUP the name of one IR? What you really want to do I would think would be to CREATE a unique name that reminds you of the particular group. Am I making sense? (Look for the SOLID HEXAGRAM to the left of the GROUP NAME you created.)

Also, I understand when you say you need/like to run through a series of IRs on the fly. I used do this with SIR2 all the time - until I realize I had no quick reference to what I had tried earlier… If you follow what I am saying about SAVING A GROUP of IRs, you can save 30 groups (or as many as you please I will assume - there might be a limit, I dunno) and call them up quickly in groups of 36 Blue Boxes. 30 groups of 36 IRs is 1080 IRs that are at your fingertips, not just an alphabetical list of 500 random IRs. Really, your Groups can be specific IRs that you feel are in the same ballpark.

Well, check it out. Sampling IRs can be a real rabbit hole without a static reference. I think REV can be a valuable tool when used the way I suggest.

Hi Rumdrum,
when you select import in REVerence you can now pre-listen every impulse response just by clicking on it. It will automatically load. The best is to do is while your playing a loop, so you can actually hear the reverb. So, import is still one by one, but you can now browse quickly through your impulse response files.
Hope this helps.


Yes, I have now done this and I get your point. Scanning through the different IR’s are actually much faster after you have created the groups. I did not get the pictures I entered to “stick” to the presets. (They semmed ok, but vanished when loading the group again). The IRs however works as expected. There is a huge however and that is the time it takes for the browser to load. You need to take that into considderation when you do the calcultation of time saved in preset scanning.

I do not know if i will do the convertion of all IRs. Not sure if the effort ever will yield a positive equation with scanning ease on the other side. I do however agree that it is strange Steinberg has not “market” this feature more. I am sure Reverence is good enough for most people “out of the box” and even if you want to add a handfull of IRs. But it is not “deep”, it has a load time from last century and and painstakingly cumbersome for real creative work with its proprietary vstpreset system. My all time favorite convolution was Wizooverb, unfortunately not working on modern OS. I tend to use Waves most of the time. Easy to import, easy to load, although not as “presets in your face” as Reverence.

One more thing: Since I move around from daw to daw a little, I am not sure it is worth the work eiter. Just importing wav files seems so much easier and then you can pick upthe IRs cross platform too.

Well, at least you know what it can do at this point. It may not be for you, as you say.

Thanks very much for the tip about using the plug-in. I will do this immediately. It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of this?” kind of things. I feel stupid for not knowing/seeing this, I’ll be sure to work with it. Great tip. TY :bulb:


@mr.roos Really useful tip!


Well it’s all described in the manual, isn’t it?


Haha, when something ‘helpful’ is written in a way that is not understandable by all users, then it serves a limited purpose. And Steinberg is trying to help it’s customers, right? My explanation is wordy, true, but based on the few reactions here, you can see that my explanation is helpful. Can you decipher obvious messages, Andreas? Then maybe get involved rewriting the Steinberg explanation of the use of REV. I think the product is good, help ppl use it.

Very true!