REVerence Batch?

Anybody found any batch import system in REVerence? If not, anybody know what the policy behind not having such a function is? SIR has a file system where you can add IR’s. Same goes for Waves. Even the old Wizoo had it. So why not the 2015 version of REVerence?

This has been feature requested in the C7 forum…maybe worth adding a new FR for C8 too.

As to the “policy” of this…I doubt there is a specific policy other than if it’s been considered at all, it is not currently considered a priority. Plenty of stuff people would like to see added or improved as well as bugs that need fixing.

Nope there isn’t.
Annoyingly slow so yes it is needed.

**another FR:

  • drag/drop .wav (IR!) from MediaBay or Arrange (e.g.) to REVerence!**


The question was Batch, or placing them all in a folder. I know about the one by one. As I have several hundred IR’s one by one would take forever. (Please don’t say I don’t need several hundred IRs - Life is a box of chocolades)

I spent a few days handling our IRs… Adding pictures, tweaking etc…
Yes a batch would help a lot.

  1. everyone works differently
  2. I made my own IRs
  3. I use the Reverence to play non-hall IR-samples (!) (e.g. for sounddesign, etc.)
  4. drag/drop is long overdue.
  5. this thread discusses the REVerence
  6. Otherwise, I agree with you.

Hi all,
no need for another request.
Improved IR-import features for REVerence is already an item on the ‘REVerence wishlist’.

Thank you for the information, Andreas!