REVerence content incomplete?

Hey folks,

I was just browsing through the REVerence IRs and was wondering if I’m missing some of the files. For example in the “Small Room” category there are “Furnished Room” files with A, C, D, E and F, but there is no B. Furthermore some of the locations only offer surround (SR) versions, whereas some offer a stereo version as well.

In total I have 172 presets. Am I missing some content or is this normal?


I only have 94 presets, and no furnished rooms. This is a good question.

Same as with Eneco here. 172. I sort of remember it has allways been that way. Some with SR and Stereo, some only SR. And yes, Funrnished Room B is missing.


Thanks Oswald for the clarification. It’s too bad they don’t deliver more content for REVerence. I really like some the IRs in there even better than Altiverb. There is a lot of potential in this tool, but there needs to be more content. Of course we can load up external IRs, but there are very few Post-Production focused IR libraries out there.