REVerence export bug?

Hello folks,

I know about the REVerence recall automation issue - however, on my exports (non-realtime) REVerence behaves differently than while playing in the mix and doesn’t seem to change to or recall all presets. Anybody ever experienced anything like this? I’m afraid I have to change all my reverb settings in my 100min film to Roomworks now… :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing.

I have noticed this with other VST3 plugs. They don’t automate 100% correctly durring faster than real time export. I’m a big fan of EQuality a have just gotten used to it. I always just re-record my busses instead of export now. I think there are advantages to this, one of which is that your automation works.

Alternatively, export in real time…

WHAT??? The non-realtime bounce was actually the reason I chose Nuendo over PT10, because with a 100min feature doco with not too high processing involved having to wait that long for a preview for the director is annoying.
This is quite shocking to read actually.

Can someone post a reliable, workable repro on this issue?
We need to find out how to trigger it, and get it reported.

I will see if I can trigger it without the full session I noticed it in…