REVerence GUI and UX could potentially be reworked to be better (see graphic mockups)

Some things to understand prior to my suggestions

  • I have a lot of 3rd party IR’s, over 1000.
  • Because I have so many, I don’t spend much time tweaking settings, and rather just finding one that works as is. I realize this isn’t going to be every users methodology and use case.

UX-GUI suggestions
-Programs need to be able to be drag-reordered for organization purposes.
-Drag and Drop functionality from MediaBay into REVerence Programs.
-Picture re-ordering
-Integrated MediaBay browser and file browser w/ REVerence-global stored settings (visible attribute columns etc) imo - this browser should be a 2nd plugin page (the GUI face switches), and or, a popout browser. User can switch between MediaBay browser and file browser.

Now for the actual GUI

1.) (red, pink, dark blue) I don’t feel it’s 100% necessary that the waveform box couldn’t have some overlapping plugin elements.

  • (dark blue) The EQ could overlap the waveform view, rather than hidden behind the picture area. This would make much more sense
  • (Pink) The little play button, could be tucked into any corner of the waveform box.
  • (red) The name of the IR file/Preset could float over the top of the waveform.

Doing the above, already frees up some space.

Let’s free up some more space.

2.) (Yellow)

  • Is it necessary to have the Time Scale parameter exist twice? Once as a big button, and again in the parameter footer box?
  • Imo, it only needs to be in the parameter footer box.
  • Removing this button frees up a lot of space.

The ‘Browser’ ‘Import’ and ‘Store’ ‘Erase’ buttons, could be symbol icons in a thin header bar.

3.) (orange) I mostly find the Programs as Number buttons annoying. I’d personally much prefer a list - the question is, where would the picture go? Two options:

  • Option 1: this portion of the GUI is switchable via a button which hides the picture and expands the number programs into a list of all the programs.
  • Option 2: If we have freed up enough space with some of the above changes, and maybe a few other sizing changes, perhaps the Program number button system could just change completely to a list and there is room to put the picture elsewhere?

I think all of this could be done without changing the GUI size of the plugin, which would be good to not ruin peoples workspaces.

I did a quick mockup of shuffling the elements around blatantly just to see what space is to work with without resizing anything (only resize file/program/preset name a little bit)


You can see clearly, there is enough room for program-preset names, completely replacing the numbers. I really think this is way more intuitive and less scattered.

All good points. REVerence is already a great tool, which could be expanded with some of the features present in modern IR loaders, such as the ability to load different impulses for the L, R and Surround channels, better tagging and grouping of impulses. Just a little overhaul would come a long way.

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