REVerence impulse files

Just updated to Cubase Pro 8. Opened a session previously created in Cubase 7, and REVerence can’t seem to find the impulse files for the plugin. I can’t find the folder where it would be located either. Any suggestions?

Lu Rojas
Cubase Pro 8
PC Audiolabs computer
Windows 8
Intel i5
8G ram
MOTU 24 I/O w/ Black Lion mod

Hi lurojas,

the stock REVerence impulse files should be found in

\Users$YourUserName$\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01.vstsound

VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp additionally need the files


in the same folder.

If the files are missing, please reinstall.

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I’m having the same problem: “Missing Impulse Response”. I’ve reinstalled Cubase Pro 8 twice. In this folder location, there is only one file called “FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_04vstsound”.

I tried opening Cubase again and the problem was still happening.

I bought Cubase 8 upgrade days after it came out and the installation file was about 4GB… and I’m currently downloading the Cubase Pro 8 installer from a different link on Steinbergs website which is 9.1GB.

I’m gonna try installing Cubase again with this larger installation file then see what happens.

Ok, so the 9.1GB installation file was the correct file to install with. There was a lot more content, and installing this fixed the missing impulse files problem for me.

Where did you get that 9.1GB installation file from?

MySteinberg / My Products / Downloads