REverence impulses not located

Good to be back on Nuendo forum. After the change to this new forum I was not able to log in for months. But now finally forum administrators fixed the problem and I’m in…
Here goes:
Something peculiar has happened with our schools Nuendo5 workstation.
While I’ve been off duty for the last 5 weeks now that I’ve come back my students told me that Reverence can’t find its impulses. I’ve tried to reinstall Revence contents again, updated mediabay database, trashed prefs. Nothing helps.
When trying to load impulse, a pop up comes with text: cannot locate impulse response file: “the name of the file”.
After that I figured what the hell. I’ll uninstall Nuendo and reinstall it from scratch. Now come the oddest part. I go to control panel to uninstall Nuendo, navigate to installed apps. THERE IS NO NUENDO THERE.
After that I inserted installation disk and figure I do it from there. Don’t work either…

Any ideas? I’ve run out of ideas myself. Only thing left I can think of is a complete reinstall of the whole system but not ready to go there yet…

Our OS is Win7 64bit enterprise. Once we updated to win7 I asked for 64bit win7 home but as our school has only license for win7 enterprise they put it in. Is this a problem?

Bye / Tumppi

So no one?
Well, tomorrow will install a fresh win7 64bit home with new OS drive to the computer and then on Monday I’ll install Nuendo32bit, fireface800, waves gold, black magic etc. from scratch. Will see if that makes any difference…

Another odd thing is that as it is now it has also lost intensity pro card from video devices…

Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi.

Just wondering did you have that problem figured out?

I’m having the same issues as well but on my Mac


Installing OS (from W7 enterprise to W7 home, both 64bits) and everything else from scratch helped. Hasn’t happened since.

Bye / Tumppi