REVerence in Cubase 9.5 can't handle 96k IR samples?

I figured out what was crashing my old Cubase 7 projects that I was opening in Cubase 9.5. It appears that REVerence in C9.5 can’t handle Impulse Response wav files that are at 96k sampling rate???

Is there a setting to change so my old Reverence presets (and their associated 96k wav ir files) will work in C9.5’s Reverence?


Thanks Martin for the link, which shows the initial problem (now solved).

From here, I need a new answer, if people know… is there a way that REVerence can use IR files that were recorded at 96k??? They appear to crash C9.5!

Update, things seem to be working better and I’m not sure why. But for now I’ll close this thread. I’ll let you know if I experiment more on it.