REVerence intermittent bug - Last program (36) gets stuck as other programs instead of imported file

I haven’t encountered this problem before, except with this particular bank of 36 programs, and I believe this is the only bank of .aiff files so maybe the bug pertains to .aiff.

For some reason, the last program, gets stuck as other previously selected programs instead of switching to what was the intended file for that program.

I tried re-importing the correct file, but it made no difference.

see gif

as seen in the gif, initially the file loads fine and plays back correctly, but as soon as I switch to a different program, and then switch back to 36, the file no longer loads and instead is stuck as the previously selected program

i seem to have fixed with a restart

This did happen one more time, and restarting again did fix it.

But it might be a memory problem on my end.