REVerence internal program-presets bug - last available program slot doesn't load intended impulse

Bug occurs both by way of

  • import audio files to programs,
  • as well as loading saved REVerence program-presets

repro steps

  1. Add files and or already saved program-presets one at a time starting at Program 1, and working your way to Program 36 - at Program 36, add an Impulse that will be discernible from the previous Program 35.
  2. Check to see if the reverb impulse loaded into Program 36 is the correct one by playing back and listening to it.
  3. If the reported bug has occurred, it will show you the proper name of the impulse file/program-preset having been added but the Program will actually be that of Program 35 both in sound and waveform.
  4. Erase program 36
  5. Save Cubase
  6. Reopen Cubase
  7. Go straight to Program 36 (which is empty via your erase previous to restarting Cubase) and add the intended file
  8. This time, the file and sound should be correct. However, erase and try adding a new one and the problem is likely to re-occur.

Additional Info
it has less to do with being the last Program ‘36’, and more to do with adding to the - last - available - program slot…

ie, if you added impulses to programs 1-12, and then did programs 25-36, and then did last 13-24… It would be 24 that is the problem program and would be a duplicate of 23 despite reading the correct file name.

Erasing the program and trying to load again does not work. However, erasing the program, saving the project, and then restarting Cubase, and then loading the program will properly load. However erasing it and then adding again the problem will re-occur.

Video evidence:

Video description:

  • File loaded into Program 36
  • Waveform appears to show that correct file was loaded as…
  • Switching to Program 35 appears to show a different Waveform
  • But, Program 36 upon playback is clearly Program 35 reverb.
  • Switching back to Program 36 now shows its waveform as Program 35 waveform.

Again to emphasize, this doesn’t have to do specifically with slot 36, it has to do with any program being the last available program.