Reverence IR multicanal

I have a question and above all an answer that I can’t find (-:
Here, I have a Reverence on a FX 5.0 track and I import a stereo IR.
At the output, I have 5 reverberated channels!! and reverberated differently!!
Can someone tell me how this works? because I have the impression that the Reverence is capable of transforming a stereo signal into 5.0 or 5.1.
Thank you in advance.

I can say how I THINK it works.
When it only has a stereo or mono IR it is the same IR but using the surround (lower) settings thus creating a different sound compared to the front.

In fact I answer it.
In the box IR stereo (LR) => 5.0 (L R C Ls Rs)
IR L => L
IR R => R
IR R + IR L (mono) => Center
IR L => Ls
IR R => Rs

Just a filter for the back is missing because at the moment it works on all channels…