Reverence issues, multiple name instances?

I have a question about Reverence. When I go to load a factory preset from the Reverence browser, I find multiple instances of the same factory preset. Did I create this or does it come this way? For example, I have three Small Halls, three LA Studio, etc… It seems like every duplicated verb is something that I have saved in my presets at one time or another - maybe. Is this why?

Is there a way to remove these double and triple entries? Should I just ignore them?

I have the same issue. Would be interested in knowing more. I actually had a related problem about a year ago:

Never really gopt to the bottom of it… :confused:

Well, good to be not alone. :laughing: I am thinking Steinberg has to know this, too, but they don’t seem too concerned about it. What is weird is - really weird is - it is only Reverence that has this duplicate/triplicate thing going on. Why it is so special? :confused:

Maybe it’s because it only effects the people who keep loading up new versions of Cubase? I think it is something like this, residue of things that existed before that didn’t get erased when the new version was loaded. I am very sure I cannot edit a VST3 file either. Rev is cool, too, no complaint with it’s performance. I just hate looking at duplicate names as I choose a verb…

I think you have REVerence presets from cubase 5 & cubase 6 !
in cubase 5 the REVerence presets was in the same folder that the user presets not the case for cubase 6 !