REVerence keeps losing its settings

Hey folks,

I try to use multiple REVerence presets in one session. So I click on one of the preset numbers in the right corner, choose my preset and tweak the settings. Then I click on another number, choose a different present and tweak it again.

When I’m now switching back to the first preset number, all of my settings have been reset to their default values. Is this normal? How am I supposed to set up my different presets and tweak the settings?


save your presets as your own vstpresets within the plugin for each of them, and don’t work with the presets that come standard with the efx.
Since they are contained in containers you can not edit them, and they will never remember your settings.

So: The only thing you should change is saving them seperatly and rename them for your convenience. That will solve this issue.

Cubase does remember them being written as a user state within a cpr, but that is untill you start tweaking.
The CPR will only remember the last saved user definition.

kind regards,