Reverence misbehaving in C6.02

Running C6.02, Reverence not finding presets when used as an insert on recorded (output) tracks. However, C6 finds the presets when using Reverence in the input insert. This is goofy, kind of like how it behaved in the first version of C5, with volumes jumping up and down as you initiate the particular reverb patch. …Er, which was cured with C5s second to last and then the latest version, BTW.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to stop this?

Hi mr.roos,

wherever I insert my REVerence it shows its presets or programs.
Maybe a step by step instruction from you would help to reproduce this thing.

Sure, thanks for the help, you’re right, I didn’t say that clearly…

If I load up Reverence in a channel insert of a track that I recorded, Cubase finds the Reverence that I have loaded with all my presets, Wooden Church, LA Studio, etc., with all the volume corrections, etc…

But when I load Reverence into my stereo output channel, in it’s insert panel (where you can load UV22HR, for example) I see a whole new Reverence, without any of my presets. And it will not save any presets I choose for it either. It just comes up ‘fresh’ everytime I open it. Is this because I am running a trial version of 6.02?

Woah, OK, more info. What I described above is happening in C5, latest version.

What is happening in C6 is that I can save NONE of the presets that I choose, whether at the recorded channel or at the stereo output channel.

I would advice you contact our support directly, as this seems to be a unique problem.

Hello mr.roos,

Sorry I cannot reproduce it here. Works fine without any problems.

In your case I would suggest to rebuild the preferences of Cubase. Please remove the preferences of Cubase 5 & 6. Please start after that Cubase 6 first, so it will build his own preferences.

More details can be found here