Reverence needs better design functionality - Please allow to save default picture, reorganize pictures, move programs

The editing functionality of Reverence is again - very half-done by Steinberg. I love that there is an IR reverb, but it’s a bit cumbersome if adding your own IRs and IR libraries.

Programs can’t be moved around, there’s no modifiers like ctrl+click to delete a program, can’t select multiple programs for deletion. can’t copy or duplicate programs. Can’t shift them up left or right on the program bank. Can’t drag and drop programs

Can’t add multiple pictures to an IR at once.

Can’t reorganize pictures or set default first picture.

No multi-channel gain control

no drag and drop of audio files into plugin,

no description field to edit in information


Also, why end at 36 programs? Couldn’t a page system be implement to page to the next bank of 36 programs??

I add the wish to be able to backup the ir files with the project for backup purposes.
And to be able to listen to custom irs simply navigating in a simple file browser.

Try adding 200 IR files to REVerence, adding information to each IR as you go, storing each one as you go… It’s a PITA.