Reverence opinions?Removing excess plugins

Hi guys,im just about to upgrade my set up with some ssd’s and more ram so im doing a fresh install of the operating system and plugins etc.Ive decided to thin out the plugins as I have way too much at this stage and find it distracting to be honest.Im picking 1 convolution and 1 algo reverb and not bothering with the rest.I have an old version of altiverb with a good few IR’s but Im considering just going with reverence as its already there and I wont have to install altiverbs IR’s which can be a pain.How are you guys finding it on sessions,does it use a lot of processing power and how do you think it sounds?Ive just picked up Cubase Pro 8 and haven’t really used it all that much or in a large session yet.Cheers

I am midway through a record…in overdub/mixing stage and have been making C8 versions of the projects and trying out more of the built in Plugs.

Really happy with Reverence and Revelation so far.
Seems to be very light in the CPU load (ASIO Guard running).