reverence patch browser + graphics card = hang?

Just starting to get a new laptop (Dell Precision) going. Mostly just installed windows10 and updates, macrium, and Cubase 10 updated to 10.0.4.

I have a dedicated graphics card in the laptop (AMD Radeon). I created a test project with a few Retrologue instrument tracks, but found the audio to be glitchy until I went into the BIOS and disabled “switchable graphics”, so that only the Radeon is used rather than both the Radeon and the Intel native gpu.

So, interestingly, that seems to have helped with the glitchy audio, at least as far as I can tell so far. But now, when I open up one of the Retrologue instrument editors, if I click on the patch down-arrow to open the patch browser, I often (not always) get a cascade of “serious problem occurred” dialogs (unless I click on cancel), and cubase then gets pretty weird, I can’t always use the keyboard, etc.

Sometimes I can delete the track and quit out, but sometimes Cubase just eventually disappears.

If I put the BIOS setting back, then the patch browser window seems to open without incident so far (hard to tell, since it sometimes works in the other case… love those intermittent issues…)

Note that this does not happen (so far) with Padshop. I can open the patch browser dialog without problem in Padshop.

Any idea what’s up, or does this even happen to anyone else? Not particularly thorough or scientific yet, I’m dealing with a number of issues in parallel at the moment, dpc latencies, licensing, etc.